The Company

Born in 1977, manufacturing in a its facility, located in Northern Italy (4000 sq. m indoor – 10000 sq.m outdoor), Formeco has installed more than 36.000 machines, keeping the world-wide leadership position on this field.

Formeco facilities :

•  a chemical laboratory for analysis

•  a R. & D. design and project technical department

•  a complete range of pilot units for industrial tests.

Formeco designs and produces :

  • Vacuum Evaporators
  • Concentration units
  • Single and Multi Effect Evaporators
  • Solvent Recovery Systems
  • Design and manufacturing of fractional distillation columns
  • Special equipment for aluminium rolling treatment



Formeco offers a chemical laboratory for analysis, a R. & D. design and project technical department, a complete range of pilot units for industrial tests.


Formeco offers the assurance of a world-wide technical service network. A telephone line is available with skilled technicians who speak customer’s languages.


All Formeco units are designed and manufactured according to the strictest rules in force and certified by authorized Institutes. Every machine is characterised by the highest quality standard in order to satisfy the most exigent users. Every single plant is tested before delivery.


We offer technical and commercial assistance in several languages with dedicated telephone lines. Deep research of customers’ needs, supported by lab tests, in order to give the most professional solution..